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Restoring your hair and scalp

We are a one-stop trichological practice that caters to hair loss issues with bespoke treatments and established methods. The process begins with an appointment for a one-to-one consultation session with Leonica Kei, the founder and principal trichologist. During the consultation, the client's condition will be diagnosed and results will be explained in detail, together with the course of treatment and expected outcome. Treatments are performed at our centre, and suitable hair care products will also be recommended for follow-up home use.

Female hair loss

An often distressing problem, there are many factors causing hair loss in women, which can range from dietary habits to hormonal changes. Fortunately, most hair loss conditions can be remedied and are fully reversible. However, procrastination will lead to progressive degeneration of the hair, which will eventually require prolonged periods of intensive treatment.

Male pattern hair loss

The cause of male pattern hair loss is generally genetic, but may also be attributed to stress or symptomatic of other conditions. Early diagnosis and treatment can help in effectively slowing down and/or reversing the onset and severity of this condition.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata, or spot baldness, is an autoimmune disease in which hair is lost from the scalp in blotches. Over the years, we have successfully treated many clients with this stressful condition using our non-invasive trichological procedures.

Stress induced hair loss

Stress is a trigger of hair fall. It can be physical stress as a result of illness or injury and it can be psychological and emotion stress due to work, relationship, pregnancy and child birth and lifestyle changes. Regular treatments and the use of products can alleviate the damaging effects of stress on the hair.

Scalp disorders

The skin on the scalp is extremely sensitive and prone to various problems, such as dandruff, itchiness and inflammation, to more severe cases of seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. A healthy scalp is a general reflection of good health and is essential for healthy hair growth. Our treatments are targeted at remedying the specific scalp problem to ensure the scalp stays clean and healthy.

Hair hydration

Constant exposure to the harshness of the weather and our environment or repeated chemical processing leaves our hair dry, dull, frizzy and brittle. Our treatments will effectively repair and restore the hair to its prime condition.

Pre-wedding bridal package

The period leading up to the big event is full of excitement, but also comes with stressful days and sleepless nights. As a consequence, many brides-to-be experience unexpected hair loss and scalp disorders. A series of treatments during this period will go a long way to ensuring that you will be at your best on the big day.

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